Osu youth want commitment of investigators on an alleged unauthorized Stool Seal

Accra, June 23, GNA- Some Osu youth have called for the commitment of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service investigating complaints of the official Kingmakers of Osu about an alleged unauthorized seal of the Osu Stool.

That, they said was promoted by people without a mandate to act in such a manner.

A press release signed by Reginald Lartey Opintan, Executive Secretary of Osu Youth Development Association and copied to the Ghana News Agency called for due diligence to assuage the fears of the youth who were bent on seeing the right thing in the area done.

“The youth of Osu feared that the acts by these unauthorized people if not resolved have the potential to create unnecessary tension and confusion in Osu and also security implications if allowed to fester.

“While we will not endorse any acts of violence, we wish to urge the Police to act in a manner that will avert any potential tension and confusion in Osu as these issues are sensitive and can degenerate into potentially disruptive protests, confusion and social disharmony in Osu”, the statement read.

“The Seal of the Osu Stool is a very important traditional symbol with spiritual relevance and no individual or group with no authorized mandate can arrogate themselves the authority and power to change the Seal of Osu”, the release stated.

They also called on the Presbyterian Church of Ghana not to allow their premises at the Ascension Presbyterian Church, Adabraka for the launch of the alleged new seal of Osu Stool.

“It is curious that for a purported new seal of Osu, the launch is to be held in Adabraka which is not Osu land and not under the jurisdiction of Osu. If this truly is a seal for the Osu Stool, why should they go to Adabraka to launch it?”

The statement called for calm among the youth.

“We also want to urge the Ghana Police Service to act in a swift manner to halt such activities as they have the potential to create unnecessary tension in Osu. We, the youth of Osu, are resolute in commitment to preserving the sanctity and the respect of our Chieftaincy Institution, and will relentlessly work to halt any attempt to corrupt and belittle our Chieftaincy Institution”, the statement warned.