Shanghai lifts strict lockdown measures after two months

Beijing, Jun. 1, (dpa/GNA) - Strict coronavirus lockdown measures in Shanghai were largely lifted on Wednesday after two months.

Stay-at-home orders were lifted and businesses reopened in the southern Chinese port city of 26 million people.

Public and private transport also restarted, but with certain restrictions still in place.

Shanghai, the economic and financial centre of China, the world's second-largest economy, reported only 15 new Covid-19 infections the previous day. It marked the lowest case number in three months.

At the peak of the latest coronavirus wave in April, the city reported 27,000 cases in a single day.

Nationwide, China registered 68 cases, 46 of which were asymptomatic.

While the rest of the world is largely trying to learn to live with coronavirus, China is continuing to pursue its rigorous zero-Covid strategy.

The Omicron variant's arrival in China in March brought the country's biggest outbreak since the pandemic began more than two years ago.

Chinese scientists have warned that a full relaxation of pandemic restrictions in the country could lead to 1.5 million deaths over six months.