Let’s work to strengthen the pillars of democracy—NCCE 

Tema, Feb. 10, GNA – The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has called for all to agree to work together to strengthen the pillars of democracy in the West African Sub-Region.

This comes amid recent military takeovers in Mali, Guinea and Burkina-Faso. There has also been a failed coup d’etat in Guinea Bissau.

Ms. Josephine Nkrumah, the Chairperson of the Commission, said governance institutions, the security agencies, the media, traditional and religious leaders needed to stand together to protect and preserve democracy, which was coming under increasing threat. 

She told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the commission will be scaling up its public education campaign to help everybody to uphold and defend the country’s constitution. 

Citizens must not take the country’s democracy for granted, she said, adding that legitimacy of governance was the key element to ensure that the people continued to enjoy the fundamental human rights and other rights enshrined in the Constitution. 

“Ghanaians must consider it a responsibility to defend the Constitution at all times, the protection of the democratic governance is a duty call to all irrespective of political affiliation.”

The NCCE Chairperson said was going to implement programmes designed to aid Ghanaians to become more aware of their civic responsibilities, rights and obligations. 

They will continue with the Annual Democracy Lecture, Citizenship Week, Constitution Week, the Ghana Constitution Game/Quiz Competition, Social Auditing Programmes, Community Durbars, Dialogue series, and Civic Education Clubs. 

She said their Annual Democracy Lecture offered all Ghanaians the opportunity to reflect on how far the country had come on its democratic journey. 

It was an opportunity to assess the challenges and to agree on a way forward and by doing so, strengthen the people’s resolve to ensure national stability.