Household toilet restores human dignity – RICCS

Wa, Nov. 22, GNA – The Upper West Regional Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee on Sanitation (RIICS) says the presence of a toilet facility in a house restores human dignity and respect of the occupants.

“We see toilet as a way of restoring the dignity of a human being, your privacy and comfort, because if you don’t have a toilet and have to resort to defecating in the open, what happens if you suffer diarrhea in the night, especially in the rainy season?" it asked.

Mr Suleman Bipuah, the Programmes Coordinator of the Community Development Alliance (CDA-Ghana) and a member of RICCS, said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Wa after the World Toilet Day.

November 19 is set aside by the United Nations to recognise the importance of toilet facilities and to create awareness on the need for every household to own one to end open defecation.

The global theme for this year’s commemoration was: “Valuing Toilet,” with Ghana adopting "Stop Open Defecation, Own a Household Latrine now, Let's play our part in a COVID-19 era" as the local theme.

Mr Bipuah explained that women, children and the aged were the most affected in a hose without a toilet facility as they were exposed to the devastating effects of defecating in the open.

“If there is no toilet in the house, how do you expect the old lady or old man in the house who cannot walk properly to go to the bush or even the public toilet to ease him or herself?”

“Will you be happy if someone sees the nakedness of your wife or mother who is defecating in the open because you have refused to build a toilet in your house,” he questioned.

Mr Alhassan Inussah Agambire, the Upper West Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of the Environmental Health and Sanitation Department, called on members of the public to see toilets as very important components of their homes and make provisions for that.

“Just as we provide kitchen and bathrooms in our buildings, most often we leave out the toilet facility, which is a key compartment of the house. It is only proper to add value to yourself and your house by providing toilet at your home,” he said.

He indicated that access to toilet facilities would soon become a right and that district assembly bye-laws were in the offing to make owning a household toilet compulsory, without which the landlords would be prosecuted.

Mr Agmbire entreated prospective tenants to look out for toilet facilities, as a major requirement, before renting an apartment to ensure their dignity, comfort, convenience, and good health.