“Taste of Ghana 2.0” launched in Accra

Accra, Nov. 18, GNA - Mr Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Minister of Information, has launched the second edition of the “Taste of Ghana” with the call on organisers to use the event as a platform to promote trade, investment and tourism.

He said “while enjoying the unique experience of the event, you must keep an eye on trade, investment and tourism and use this celebration, as a platform for further trade, investment and tourism.”

“When we have had the whole of the patrons passing through and experiencing a little bit of it, we need to follow through and shepherd them so that we get the trade, investment and the experience of Ghana’s culture that we are hoping to showcase through this event," he added.

The event, dubbed, “Taste of Ghana 2.0” is scheduled for December 27, 2021 on theme, “Our language, Our identity, Our pride”.

Mr Oppong Nkrumah said the diversity of Ghanaian culture showed the wealth of its heritage all over the country, but unfortunately it was not experienced in Africa, saying the initiative was a unique collage of Ghana’s culture, fashion, food, and music from all 16 regions.

“This event also gives us the opportunity to also showcase at the same venue the tourism opportunities across the 16 regions, and targets Ghanaians and other Africans in the diaspora, Ghanaians back home, expatriate community in Ghana, tourist and visitors who would be in the country around that time of the year to experience Ghana," the Minister said.

He noted that there would be teams that would be responsible for showcasing the investment and tourism potential in each of the 16 regions, as well as others to showcase the taste of the regions in Ghana.

“From the plan, the entire landscape will be demarcated into 16 regions and within these regions not only will we hear the music, see the fashion, and enjoy the food but we will also have the opportunity to experience the tourism and investment potential of these regions," Mr Oppong Nkrumah said and urged the representatives to give the patrons the best reason to “move from that little experience” to enter the new regions to experience those regions themselves.

Nana Dufie Addo, Chief Operating Officer, GIPC, said the event, a follow up to the maiden event, would highlight various aspects of Ghana’s rich and diverse cultural elements, including foods, drink, clothing, music, dance and arts.

“Its purpose is to continuously display different aspects and relevance of our rich Ghanaian cultural heritage and landmarks, including the potential to boost the creative industry and contribute to Ghana’s job creation and development objectives.”

She said the event would also allow investors, businesses and the public to network in a relaxed and inspired setting and set the stage for future fruitful collaboration.
Nana Addo said, the theme for the event would focus on the importance of sustaining the Ghanaian languages, because language remained one of the main vessels of one’s cultural identity.

“This will be done through signage, poetry, drama, music and dance performance, fashion and art among other exhibitions of Ghana’s culture. The event will give a 360-degree view of our food, clothes and fabric, music, arts and tradition form all 16 regions with the aim of experiencing the diverse cultures across the country,” she added.

She noted that “beyond the entertainment and rich cultural experience, we can leverage such events to continuously promote tourism in Ghana, provide business opportunities for locals and foreigners seeking to invest in the country.”

Mr Ben Anane Nsiah, Director, Project Development and Investment, GTA, said the Authority intended to leverage on the success of the “Year of Return” through the “Beyond the Return” initiative to ensure that beyond the entertainment and fun, the country derived the maximum benefit from the interactions.

He said the “Taste of Ghana 2.0” was another example of leveraging Ghana’s culture in various ways to ensure that everywhere across the world recognised Ghana as the place to go because of the unique and authentic experiences.

“As we work together, we know we can move the numbers that we want in tourism and expect to have in investment and also create the market for our export, which would make Ghana the desire place for all.”

The event is being organised by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre in collaboration with the Ministry of Information, Ghana Tourism Authority, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ghana Export Promotion Authority, Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture and the “Beyond the Return” Secretariat.