Eat eggs daily to reduce risk of diseases

Tamale, Oct. 21, GNA - Madam Comfort Kyerewa Acheampong, Coordinator of Ghana National Egg Campaign Secretariat (GNECS), has advised Ghanaians to eat eggs on daily basis to reduce the risk of heart diseases, stroke, and other health related illnesses.

She advised Ghanaians to add eggs to their daily meals to increase their High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), also known as the ‘good cholesterol’ for the human body.

Madam Acheampong gave the advice in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), during the eggs campaign food competition as part of the 11th annual pre-harvest agribusiness conference and exhibitions in Tamale.

The exhibition, in which GNECS participated, was in partnership with Agrihouse Foundation and Tamale Technical University, to showcase the nutritional values in eggs for human health.

She said studies had shown that eating eggs gave nutrients that acted like vitamins B and DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid that served as a structural component of the brain and played a vital role in infant brain development and function.

Madam Acheampong noted that lutein and zeaxanthin were antioxidants found in egg yolk that promoted eye health.

She added that eating eggs during breakfast could keep one energized until lunch, and also promotes muscle recovery during exercise as well as helps to prevent muscle loss during ageing.

Mr Philip Annankra, Field Officer at Ghana National Egg Campaign Secretariat, stated that egg was a good source of protein, and reiterated the need for the citizenry to ensure it became part of their daily diets.