Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources receives donations towards Hand Washing Day

Accra, Oct. 14, GNA – The Project Maji, a non-profit safe water enterprise, and Binatone are collaborating with the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources to mark 2021 Global Hand Washing Day on October 15.

To this end, Project Maji and Binatone have partnered with the female, social activist and athlete Manal Rostom and donated 250,000 boxes of “Eco-friendly soap” a special sweat washing soap to the Ministry to raise awareness and facilitate handwashing to mark the day within deprived rural Ghanaian communities.

The five-day global activation falls under the #Sweat4Soapcampaign and would attract support from over 180 countries.

Ms Wieke de Vries, the leader of Project Maji, who presented the items, said the basic principle was for every kilometre one bar of soap, and every 100,000 kilometres a solar-powered water kiosk to empower a community of about 1,000 people in rural areas in Ghana.

“We pledged for two solar-powered water kiosks, which means we have to run or walk jointly together 200,000 kilometres, of cause we want more so really let set the bar high and do what we can and aim at 300,000.”

Madam Cecilia Abena Dapaah, the Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources, who received the donation, thanked the partners and said everybody was invited to get involved in the celebration of the Day, saying; “Every volunteer who wants to walk or run and sweat just for a bar of soap is invited.”

“We are doing this to touch the vulnerable within our society. We have a lot of people who I believe and am sure cannot afford a bar of soap like this.

So this eco-friendly soap would go a long way to help us in our pursuit of personal hygiene as well as community hygiene, especially with our school children.

“They are the apostles of hygiene–hand washing hygiene and I have this statement in my office that says that if we wash our hands every day we can save one million lives because the first entrance of hygiene should be through our hands,” she said.

“As a build-up to the handwashing day, we would make sure that these five days are used profitably to make sure we achieve this target of 250,000 global figure that we are seeking to have so on behalf of the ministry we would take up the challenge, take up the responsibility and we would work with you to the wire to make sure everything is spelt out and done according to our vision,” Madam Dapaah added.