The Gypsy King rules again in an epic boxing thriller

Accra, Oct. 10, GNA - The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday morning witnessed a boxing thriller with Tyson Fury (31-0-1) facing off against Deontay Wilder (42-2-1) in a trilogy.

The Gypsy King once again proved too strong for the Bronze Bomber, having recorded an 11th round knockdown to retain his World Boxing Council (WBC) and the Ring heavyweight titles.

The bout which happened to be the third between the two heavyweights witnessed Wilder out of the blocks in Round 1 with some heavy body shots with Fury largely on back foot.

Wilder seemed very poised to record an early knockdown but the Gypsy King certainly had something under his sleeves after a good start by the Bronze Bomber.

Fury in the third round dropped Wilder to the canvas with a ferocious right hook to the ears of Wilder, a place he had targeted in the early rounds.

Wilder struggled to find his feet afterwards but delivered a stunning comeback in the fourth round when he dropped Fury twice to the canvas with a big right hand.

The fight could have gone either way after the fourth round but it was the Gypsy King who demonstrated some outrageous stamina as Wilder struggled to move around.

Wilder on the hand showed traits of a true warrior as he refused to throw in the towel with Fury throwing some relentless power punches between the fourth-ninth round.

Fury once again dropped Wilder to the canvas in the 10th round and it seemed over for the Bronze Bomber but he defied the circumstances and continued to the 11th round.

Fury once again delivered a ferecious hook in the 11th round as Wilder couldn't stand the power of the Gypsy King, having dropped to the canvas for the third time looking helpless as Fury battered him to retain his title.

Fury said this after the bout:" "Wilder is a top fighter, he gave me a real run for my money tonight.It was a great fight tonight, worthy of any trilogy in the sport. I always said I am the best in the world and he is second.

"But I went over to show love and respect and he didn't want it to so I will pray for him. Wilder has no love for me because I have beaten him three times.

"But I am a sportsman and I went over to him to show him some love and respect and he did not want to give it back. That's his problem, I will pray for him and hopefully God will soften his heart."