Music, white attire characterizes TMA MCE confirmation

Tema, Oct. 1, GNA - After the announcement of nominees of the President for the positions of Chief Executives for the various Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies (MMDAs), the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) on Thursday, oil out its electoral machinery to fulfill its legal mandate for the confirmation of their nominee Mr.

Yohane Amarh Ashitey.

The TMA premises was agog by 11:00 hours, as relatives, assembly members, TMA staff, traditional leaders, New Patriotic Party (NPP) members all look forward to the outcome of the confirmation which officially commenced promptly at the scheduled time of 12:00 hours.

The Assembly hall which is at the last floor of the TMA building saw a hive of activities as the police and the city guards stationed there ensured that unauthorized persons do not get entry.

Those who entered also sat at their designated places while solemn patriotic songs billowed from the speakers positioned at the various corners of the hall which had national colours decorations.

Almost everyone at the hall was in a white attire either fully or partially, indeed it showed their mood as they were about to have a new MCE.

White colour, specialists say, depict purity, and newness, combined with the Ghanaian belief of victory associated with the colour indeed brought some shine at the venue.

Mr. Henry Quartey, the Greater Accra Regional Minister, accompanied by a large number of dignitaries walked in, exchanged greetings, and settled for the confirmation programme to roll with a prayer. Almost every Ghanaian programme start with a prayer as the people believe in a Supreme Being watching over the country.

Music they say is the food for the soul, therefore Mr. Joseph Korto, Presiding Member of the TMA and National Dean of PMs after delivering his welcome speech could not resist the temptation to ask for “President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s favourite song” to be played to herald the actual confirmation process.

The President’s favourite song, ‘Oye’ composed by Mr. James Varrick Armaah seems to have attained some national status as its lyrics which literally means ‘I have heard a good news’ indicating that God is love, resonated well with everyone present as they danced in their seats with a few standing and waving handkerchiefs to the rhythm.

The confirmation also saw the pardoning of Mr. Baba Tunde, Assembly Member for the Horticulture Electoral Area who had been suspended by the Assembly for some alleged misconduct after allegedly raising some issues over siting of a project on land in his community.

Voting went on smoothly as Mr. Manasseh Ofosuhene Asante, Tema Metropolitan Director of Electoral Commission took assembly members through the legal framework for the voting, one after the other they voted.

Counting was done and Mr. Ashitey got more than the required two-thirds as he polled 28 yes votes and one no vote giving him 97 percent of the votes, however, angered some party executives present as they had pushed for a 100 percent yes votes which didn’t happen.

Everyone was wondering who voted no, but before the official declaration could be made, the ‘culprit’ an assembly woman from Tema Central Constituency was fished out and some party members heckled her pushing her out of the Assembly hall.

The newly confirmed MCE adorned in his white trousers and shirt shirts beaming with a smile was officially declared by the EC as the TMA MCE, it was clear that Mr. Ashitey had been graced by God in accordance with the meaning of his name Yohane which is the Ga version of the biblical name John.

The Assembly Hall after the declaration had a lovely spectacle as white handkerchiefs were shared and jubilations broke out with songs of praise and thanks giving especially the Twi song “abemu ewie” to wit “it has already come to pass, God’s promises had been fulfilled.”

The Regional Minister delivering a speech commended the Assembly Members for the one touch confirmation, while urging the new MCE to immediately hit the ground running and ensure that discipline was restored in the Metropolis.

To emphasize his message of holding the MCE to his words of improving revenue, and sanitation issues, he broke out in a Ga song “atse wo ee wonyaa ni obaa”, meaning “we have been called, we are going and coming…”

As a beautiful programme which started with music, definitely could not end without another round of music.

Therefore, it was surprising that the Reverend Lawrence Tetteh, a renowned international evangelist when called upon to offer the closing prayer and a benediction gave the tune for the final song, another Ga one “ani nyebaaja won lo” literally meaning “will you worship idols” which brought out the response of “no we won’t worship idols”.

The celebration, and jubilations with the flood of white different styles of attire was carried down to the compound of the TMA as some residents looked on and pray that Mr. Ashitey would deliver as he officially takes over the administration of the Metropolis which house Ghana’s main port, industries, oil refinery, among others, and has been recognized globally as the centre of the world.