Norway ends most coronavirus restrictions

Copenhagen, Sept. 24, (dpa/GNA) – Life in Norway is returning to normal, as the country is set to lift most of its coronavirus restrictions at the weekend.

As of 4 pm on Saturday, almost all of the pandemic-related measures within the country will be lifted, Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced during a press conference on Friday.

This includes a rule on social distancing as well as attendance caps at events and social gatherings.

The only remaining measure will be the requirement to self-isolate in case of a Covid-19 infection.

Norway is also lifting travel restrictions step by step.

"Now the time has come. Now we will return to a normal everyday life," said Solberg, adding that infection and hospitalization rates in the country were on the decline.

However, the prime minster stressed that the pandemic wasn't over yet, urging citizens to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

According to the national health agency FHI, some 84 per cent of the population has been fully vaccinated.

Norway, a country of some 5.4 million, has fared comparatively well during the pandemic, as the government swiftly imposed strict measures at the onset of the crisis.