‘Vaccine week’ kicks off in Germany with more jabs on offer locally

Berlin, Sept. 13, (dpa/GNA) - A nationwide vaccination campaign week starts in Germany on Monday in an attempt to speed up the rate of coronavirus vaccinations ahead of winter.

In addition to the usual places where vaccines are offered anyone can get vaccinated without an appointment and free of charge at locations across the country, for example in some libraries, shopping centres and mosques.

Chancellery Minister Helge Braun said on Sunday that the vaccination offers would also "continue in the coming weeks."

The timing of the fresh campaign drive is intended to ward off a larger wave of infections in the winter, she said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on citizens to take advantage of the offers. "It has never been easier to get a vaccination. It has never been faster," she said in a video podcast on Sunday.

Jabs will also be available at volunteer fire brigade stations, in trams, and at the edge of football fields.

Currently, about 62 per cent of the people in Germany are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. The rate has been rising slowly recently.

According to experts, at least 75 per cent of people need to be vaccinated to flatten out the fourth wave, and considerably more to prevent it.