Fridays for Future to hold demonstration in Dusseldorf

Bonn, Aug. 27, (dpa/GNA) - The Fridays for Future climate movement has called for a demonstration to be held on Friday afternoon in Dusseldorf, in the Landtagswiese, a grassy lawn next to the state parliament.

German climate activist Luisa Neubauer plans to attend the demonstration that is directed towards the government of the state of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) and the climate policies of state Premier Armin Laschet.

He is a member of the governing Christian Democrats (CDU) and also the party's candidate to replace Chancellor Angela Merkel in the September elections.

"Mr Laschet has announced that he would like to govern Germany the way NRW is governed - to that, Mr Laschet, we clearly say no, thank you," Neubauer said.

So far, the organizers say 3,000 people are due to attend the protest, according to the police.

They plan to gather at the site at 5 pm (1500 GMT), and called for attendees on social media.

There will be a stage at the protest, according to a Fridays for Future spokesperson. Speeches and music are planned at the start of the event, followed by a march through the city centre at around 6 pm.

Further speeches and music at the Landtagswiese are scheduled to round off the event.

Other environmental organizations are also planning to join in, including Greenpeace, which plans to set up a carnival float next to the stage criticizing Laschet's policies on the climate and coal power.

The float is to show the lawmaker in a jester's cap, using a huge lignite excavator to bring down the church in Keyenberg, which is among the villages to be cleared to make way for coal mining.