We are not in collusion with GHS, KIA testing Centre to scam visitors- M Plaza

Accra, Aug. 3, GNA - Management of M Plaza Hotel says the Hotel is not in collusion with Ghana Health Service and the Kotoka International Airport COVID-19 Testing Centre to scam visitors.

"We take umbrage at sinister attempts to tarnish and destroy our hard-earned image and reputation by some aggrieved and frustrated travellers who find it difficult to accept the COVID-19 protocols at the airport and have rather decided to vent their spleen on the hotel," it said.

“The attention of the Management of M Plaza Hotel has been drawn to negative videos, pictures and commentaries seeking to portray the hotel as a rundown facility that is in cahoots with officials of the Ghana Health Service and the KIA COVID-19 testing Centre to dupe travellers.

A statement issued by Mrs Leticia Sackey-Addoo, the Public Relations Manager of the Hotel, said while they acknowledged and quickly worked to resolve the occasional operational challenges, "let us also recognize that we are not in normal times but we are poised to work together with all stakeholders to navigate the storm."

It said the facility took exception to this brazen attempt to tarnish the hard-earned image and reputation of the hotel built over decades of hard work and sacrifices showcasing the success of indigenous Ghanaian enterprise.

The statement said indeed the Hotel has carved a niche for itself and could boast of a tall enviable list of Presidents and dignitaries that it hosted.

"M Plaza hotel has nothing to do with COVID-19 testing facility at Kotoka International Airport," it said.

It said since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Ghana in March 2020, the Hotel was one of the few that offered its services and facilities at a significant discount and the reputational risk to become a quarantine facility.

The statement said if upon all this sacrifice for the national good, the Hotel had come under a deluge of attacks then, "we can only surmise that we have become an avenue for disgruntled travellers to get at Ghana Health Service oblivious that every country has its COVID-19 testing protocols."

The Management wished to state that the day to day management of the facility and adherence to health and safety was done in strict compliance with protocols set out by the Ghana Health Service and the national COVID-19 task force.

"Occasionally Management’s attention has been drawn to some service lapses which have on all occasions been quickly resolved to the satisfaction of all," it said.

It said the check out rooms and bedding were always thoroughly fumigated and allowed to stay idle for three days before they were cleaned.

The statement said it was one of such rooms that the Ace musician Mr Ben Brako was inadvertently checked into without their attention being drawn to this lapse.

"This was an oversight and we offer our apology," it added.

Meanwhile, a guest of the Hotel has, after the negative statements, alleging the substandard services offered, come back to apologize for the comments.

The statement said, "We also want to state that pillows that get stained as a result of frequent fumigation are replaced."

It is, therefore, unfortunate for a guest to take a snapshot of a stained pillow and put it out there on social media without complaining first to the hotel. This is sinister and a blow below the belt.