Let's unite to develop Muslim communities

Accra, Aug. 2, GNA - Dr Sheikh Amin Bonsu, National Chairman of the Ghana Muslim Mission has called for unity among all Muslim Sects in Ghana.

"…As Muslims, we serve one God, Allah, we are one people with one religion, Islam, one book, the Holy Quran, as a manual and guide and one Prophet, Prophet Mohammed (SAW). We follow the same direction in salat, facing the Holy Kaba with our shoulders and feet joined in a straight line to signify one brotherhood," he stated, stressing the need for oneness.

Dr Bonsu, who was speaking at the closing ceremony of the maiden National Muslims Conference organised in Accra, said in unity, a lot could be achieved for the development of the Muslim community and charged all sects to bury their differences.

The conference on the theme, " Muslim Education in Ghana at the Crossroads — The Need for Concerted Action," was aimed at strategising towards achieving higher positive educational outcomes for Muslim children at the basic level of education.

It was also to draft a plan towards developing existing Muslim Senior High Schools across the country for quality and holistic secondary education, to strategise towards ensuring regular funding for Muslim education in Ghana and to discuss Muslim rights and responsibilities within Ghana’s educational system.

Dr Bonsu said, "if we unite we will be able to build more educational, health, and other infrastructure that the Muslim communities require to develop and to be able to contribute their quota to national development."

He noted that with a united front, they could have one voice, live in peace, undertake humanitarian and developmental projects, including the building of educational and health infrastructure, as well as other social amenities.

Dr Bonsu said they could also provide scholarships to brilliant but needy students and care for widows and orphans.

He commended the Muslim Caucus in Parliament for organizing the conference, saying it was timely and Muslims had yearned for that for so many years.

The three-day National Muslims Conference was organised by the Muslim Caucus in Parliament in collaboration with the Office of the National Chief Imam and Heads of the various Islamic sects.

At the end of the conference, a deed of covenant was signed by all the Imams of Muslim sects in Ghana to provide a forum for deliberation and management of matters relating to education, health, financial, and the general wellbeing of Muslims in Ghana.