Keta MP Calls for Unity among Chiefs in Anlo

Anyako-Konu (VR) Aug 2, GNA - Mr Kwame Dzidzorli Gakpey, the Member of Parliament (MP) of Keta Constituency in the Volta region has called for unity among all Chiefs of the Anlo State.

He said the situation where some chiefs and their subjects could not live peacefully must stop.

“Let’s put aside our differences and work together for a common good to develop our area," he said.

Mr Gakpey made this remark at Anyako-Kpota during the outdooring of the newly enstooled Togbi Tenge Dzokoto Gligui VII, the 'Dufia' of Anyako-Kpota and the first Paramount Chief of Amugo-Wego Traditional area.

The event was held at the Anlo Awomefia Senior High School part which saw several Chiefs and queen mothers in attendance.

Mr Gakpey also expressed his discomfort towards the inability of his constituents to invite him for the event.

"I was attending a funeral before I got to know something was happening here and truth be told I was never invited as your MP for the area."

He said the level of disunity within the custodians of the land must be looked at "if we truly want to get things done well."

However, Mr Gakpey promised to work with all Chiefs within his constituency for the growth of the area.

Togbi Duklui Attipoe V, acting President, Anyako- Konu Council of Chiefs in his welcome address, appealed to all participants to shift focus on the ancient old Anyako water crisis.

He stated that, Togbi Tenge Dzokoto Gligui VII will serve as the first officially outdoored Paramount Chief of Amugo-Wego Traditional area, also called Anlo North.

Togbi Tenge Dzokoto Gligui VII on his part, called for unity and cohesion among the Chiefs, elders, and residents of Anyako and appealed to everyone to work with him for the progress of the area.

"I will always reach out to you so that I can learn to improve myself. My only plea is that you would also open your doors to me," he added.

Known in his private life as Justice Hope Sedo Dzokoto Gligui, the 57-year-old owner of Islander Company Limited, a Tema-based logistics and shipping company, now has the stool name, Togbi Tenge Dzokoto Gligui VII.

Born on 31st January, 1964, Togbi Tenge Dzokoto Gligui is a native of Anyako and also the head of the Bate Clan of Anlo.

The event also attracted several chiefs from the three kingmaker divisions of Anlo State.