Daimler to announce updated plans for electric mobility

Stuttgart, July 22, (dpa/GNA) - German carmaker Daimler plans to present its updated plans for the approaching electric age at an investor day on Thursday.

The company did not comment on the contents in advance.

So far, the Stuttgart-based company has set itself a target that electric and hybrid vehicles should account for half of its own passenger car sales by 2030. In addition, the entire Mercedes new car fleet should be CO2-neutral by 2039 at the latest.

Group chief executive Ola Kaellenius has recently said repeatedly that he now sees possible a faster breakthrough of electromobility than originally envisaged. In that regard, Daimler's planning bases so far "are perhaps too conservative," he said in April.

So far, Daimler has earned by far most of its money with conventional combustion cars, meaning petrol or diesel vehicles.

The number of all-electric cars sold in the first half of the year accounted for just over 3 per cent of all cars delivered, plus a slightly higher proportion of hybrid cars.

However, the industry - partly due to political requirements - expects rapidly growing sales quotas for electric cars in the next few years.

Competitive pressure is high, and many manufacturers have now announced far-reaching electric targets.
For example, Volkswagen, with its core brand VW Passenger Cars alone, wants to generate at least 70 per cent of its sales in Europe from the sale of purely electric vehicles by 2030.

The VW Group wants to have converted half of its entire model range to battery cars by 2030.