Slovakia insists on mandatory quarantine for unvaccinated people

Bratislava, July 16, (dpa/GNA) - Despite a decision by the Constitutional Court, the Slovakian government has announced it will stick to its strict quarantine regulations for unvaccinated travellers entering the country.

On Thursday, the police were checking vaccination certificates at all border crossings.

Only those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 are allowed to enter the country without having to undergo a 14-day quarantine.

Social democratic opposition politicians had criticized the rule as a hidden vaccination requirement and appealed to the Constitutional Court in Kosice. The court then suspended the tightening of the EU country's entry regulations, which had been in force since July 9.

Until it is clarified whether the unequal treatment of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people is not in contradiction with the constitution, the authorities must again adhere to the previously applicable rules, the judges announced on Wednesday.

However, the government and health authorities decided to circumvent this decision with a formal legal trick. The judge's decision will only become binding when it is entered into the official statute book, which will take several days.

Formally, therefore, the legal situation has not yet changed, Justice Minister Maria Kolikova told media on Thursday.

Health Minister Vladimir Lengvarsky announced that particularly controversial details of the repealed regulation would be amended quickly.

As early as next Monday, a new decree would come into force that would make the compulsory quarantine for unvaccinated travellers irrevocable.

This is the only way Slovakia can protect itself from importing the Delta variant of the coronavirus, he said.