Ariston reaffirms commitment to quality

Accra, July, 15, GNA - Ariston has premiered its global campaign, ‘The Ariston Comfort Challenge’ in Ghana with its global mission of bringing sustainable comfort, even where it seems impossible to find.

The Challenge focused on ensuring thermal comfort could reach anywhere in the world.

Through this mission, Ariston has donated a warm shelter to a group of scientists from the University of Copenhagen involved in climate change studies in the remote and icy Island of Disko, in Greenland (Arctic).

The Ariston Comfort Zone, an innovative modular home, was shipped to and assembled—for the first time— in Disko Island, Greenland.

Mr Gaurav Bisaria, the Director, Central Africa, Ariston Thermo Group, speaking during a virtual media parley, explained that a safe and sheltered house, heated and provided with hot water for maximum comfort even during polar winters would have not been possible without their commitment to quality.

He said the success of the Challenge ‘Greenland Mission’ was another proof of the company core value of superior quality of Ariston products, which could be seen in the efficiency of the output of the product even in the extreme weather condition.

“Our new breed of water heaters introduced into the Ghanaian market will help us embrace a completely new and different way to bring our purpose and mission to you,” he said.

Mr Bisaria explained that for the team of scientists to carry through their mission of collecting and examining samples in Disko Island, they needed an innovative infrastructure to act as a stable base against the icy island.

He said Ariston rose to the challenge and selected three of the best installers from all over the world, who accepted to dive together into the unknown to deliver and assemble a warm and innovative modular home specifically developed as an energy-efficient, sustainable solution able to endure the most extreme climate conditions.

He said through the Challenge, Ariston sought to demonstrate how through its dedication to product quality, Ariston products continue to meet the demanding expectation set for them to even in the harshest conditions.

The Ariston Comfort Challenge – Greenland Mission has been entirely filmed from beginning to end in the form of a web series through the challenge’s official website or available for viewing on YouTube.

The six-part documentary narrates the story of the three hero installers and their demanding trip to complete the challenge.

It not only shows their adventures in reaching the destination but also the people and cultures that live in the stunning icy landscapes of Greenland.