Police in Iran probe cause of blast in Tehran park

Tehran, July 10, (dpa/GNA) - Police in the Iranian capital are investigating the causes of an explosion in the People's Park, a senior officer said on Saturday.

No-one was hurt, according to Tehran's deputy police chief Hamid Hadavand.

He denied reports circulating online that said the blast had caused extensive damage.

Videos of burning houses that were being shared in social media had nothing to do with the explosion, Hadavand said, according to Isna news agency.

He said the blast had not been caused by sabotage and there had been no damage aside from some fallen branches, Hadavand said. He noted that no one had been in the park at the time of the explosion.

There was a massive explosion at the People's Park in North Tehran late on Friday night, according to reports.

As the park is close to state television station IRIB's central offices, some attributed the blast to sabotage directed against the channel, which is unpopular.

There has been a great deal of discussion of the incident, particularly in social media.