Swedish parliament to vote on Lofven's return as prime minister

Copenhagen, July 7, (dpa/GNA) - The Swedish parliament will vote on Wednesday on whether Stefan Lofven should return as prime minister.

If the 63-year-old Social Democrat receives the necessary support in what is expected to be a very narrow vote, his new minority coalition government is set to begin its work as early as Friday.

Lofven resigned last week after losing a vote of no confidence in parliament a week earlier in a dispute with the Left Party over rent controls for new buildings.

It was the first time that a Swedish prime minister had been brought down by such a vote. Lofven had served as prime minister since 2014.

The leader of the Moderate Party, Ulf Kristersson, had a first go at forming a government but failed, leaving Lofven to take up the reins again.

In the parliamentary vote, Lofven is counting on his Social Democrats and his coalition partners the Greens, as well as promised support from the Left and the Centre parties. Together the four parties hold 175 of the 349 parliamentary seats - exactly as many as Lofven needs.

If Lofven falls short and four attempts at forming a government fail, a new election will have to be called. The next general election in Sweden is scheduled for September 2022.