The Good Roll Factory Ghana and Innohub sign agreement

Accra, July 7, GNA – The Good Roll Factory Ghana Limited (TGR), a subsidiary of The Good Roll Holding of The Netherlands, has signed an agreement with Innohub Limited.

The agreement is to provide Capital Raise Support and Management Support services towards making TGR the first fair trade toilet paper factory in Africa from bamboo.

A statement issued jointly by the two organisations said, "The Good Roll" produces and supplies recycled toilet paper that comprises 100 percent recycled paper, without chlorine, dyes, and fragrances, making it environmentally friendly.

It said the Company looked to produce toilet paper that would solely contain bamboo and would be the first company to make bamboo toilet paper in Africa.

"Being Biodegradable, Bamboo is the most sustainable alternative to wood; it is a type of grass, so there is no need to replant after harvesting," it said.

The statement said sustainable production to make bamboo into toilet paper required water and other materials to be collected, reused, and recycled.

Therefore, bamboo production not only consumed less energy but also about a fifth of the water needed to convert wood pulp into the same amount of toilet paper.

It said Bamboo was a raw material that was a much more sustainable choice for the planet.

Mr Faisal Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer of TGR, said Ghana, the gateway to West Africa, had a lot of bamboo that could be potentially utilised without any adverse environmental conditions.

He said setting up the factory in Ghana would offer more employment and income opportunities for the youth in Ghana.

"In addition to all the factory work, a unique packing line for the toilet paper will also offer employment opportunities targeted at women over 40 who cannot find jobs in the current labour market," he added.

He said producing locally, the Good Roll would decrease the importation of toilet paper into Ghana.

Currently, all toilet paper brands being used in Ghana are imported from abroad; Ghana imports more than $70 million worth of toilet paper, it said.

The statement said The Good Roll was in partnership with the Good Roll Foundation building sanitation facilities throughout Ghana and that the organisation would also invest in training programmes for farmers to produce bamboo sustainably and efficiently.

Mr Nelson Madiba Amo, Chief Executive Officer of Innohub said the company was excited to work with TGR since its solution touched on the three cardinal points of impact; planet, people and shared prosperity

He said Innohub was currently engaging various local and international investors for TGR’s rollout in Ghana.

He urged interested individuals to contact the organization via email or call 233 (0) 312297951.