GNA story stimulates government to provide dam for Jagluu community

Wa, (UW/R), June 15, GNA - The Chief and people of Jagluu, a community in the Wa West District, can now breathe a sigh of relief as the government has taken the initiative to construct a dam for them.

This followed a report by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on the challenges the people at the community were going through to access water for domestic and other purposes, particularly in the dry season.

Mr Moses Bapile, the Assembly Member for the Jagluu Electoral Area, told the GNA in an interview that the project was almost completed saying, “they have done it well”.

“The dam will serve a lot of purposes. We will not struggle for water again. It’s the first time we will also get water in the dry season to build our houses and also make some gardens and get some vegetables.

“We can also get water to do our buildings and other works. Our animals can also get water to drink. It will save lives”, he explained.

The Assembly Member thanked the GNA for the support in voicing out the challenges of the community, and what they were doing to meet those challenges.

While commending the government for responding to their cry for a dam, the Assembly Member also identified access to healthcare services as another major challenge to the community that needed urgent attention.

“Health is also another problem, any serious case, we have to go to Gurungu, we don’t have a facility here. Within the last month we lost a baby, the woman was about to deliver and we had to carry her to Gurungu, by the time she got there she was already tired, after the delivering she lost the baby”, he explained.

He explained that there were a lot of such cases being recorded at the community, including two other women who were recently operated on during child birth, after traveling to Wechiau, getting exhausted and could not deliver by themselves.

Mr Bapile appealed to the government and benevolent organisations and individuals to help provide the community with a health facility to help ease their challenge in accessing healthcare services.