Feast of Corpus Christi reminds Catholics of Jesus’s power to humanity

Accra, June 6, GNA - Very Reverend Father Nicholas Larsey, the Parish Priest, St Kizito Catholic Church, Nima says the feast of Corpus Christi is a commemoration of Christ sacrifice to mankind.

"We renew Jesus’ covenant by participating in the banquet of his body and blood, a banquet that, through His death, gives us life", he said.

Speaking at a sermon on Sunday, Rev Fr Larsey said the Israelites offered animal sacrifices to God to pacify their sins believing that life was in the blood, and the animal blood was a substitute for human lifeblood.

He explained that following this Jewish tradition, Jesus offered his lifeblood as a substitute for the lifeblood of all human beings and sealed the new covenant made between God and humankind, bringing new life to the world.

He said the feast of Corpus Christi was established to give God collective thanks for Christ’s abiding presence, to instruct the people in the mystery, faith and devotion surrounding the Eucharist, and to teach Catholics to appreciate and make use of the great gift of the Holy Eucharist, both as a Sacrament and as a sacrifice.

The Clergyman advised Catholics not to offer sacrifices through animal to any gods because the power of Jesus's blood was more efficacious than any other blood.

He said the blood of Jesus Christ washed away the sins of Christians and renewed our commitment to God, urging Catholics to cherished God's gift to humanity.

"When we receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the celebration of mass, it cleanses our conscience and transforms our life for the better".

Rev Fr Larsey admonished Christians especially Catholics to prepare adequately to receive the body and blood of Christ to be spiritually strengthened and added that nothing should prevent anybody from partaking at the table of the lord.