Entertainment industry slacks due to COVID-19

Tema, June 3, GNA - Mr. Kwabena Bahnerg, the Chief Executive Officer of Ninety-Degree Tribe, an event organizing company located in Tema Metropolis, has reiterated that COVID-19 is destroying the entertainment industry in Ghana.

Mr. Bahnerg said, there hasn’t be anything positive in relation to COVID-19 on the entertainment sector, as an industry what they are looking for is, the ban lifted so they can go on with their normal events, our normal activities.

He said, because of the restrictions, the owners of major auditoriums in the country don’t permit event organizers to hold concerts at the centers, most of the venues with the auditorium capacity of over 700, they are being instructed to squeeze their audients to only 150 people which is not really helping.

According to Mr. Bahnerg, though virtual concerts have helped in some way and watched by the international community through online streaming portals, it can’t be compared to in-attendance audience.

“I am emphatic about this, that no event organizer would be happy about what is happing in the country because you can’t compare virtual concerts to ticket selling in terms of the revenue generation,” he said.

He added that, to get sponsors on any event was very difficult now, no sponsor would like to do business.

People are hungry, they always want to come out and see things but the restrictions are not permitting, it is affecting the entertainment industry, COVID-19 is killing the sector gradually.

“The effect is huge, to me, I haven’t seen anything positive, unless otherwise, someone might say they’ve received some amount of money or rewards from streaming online,” he said.