Trump sets up Tweet-style blog page after social media bans

Washington, May 5, (dpa/GNA) - Former US President Donald Trump wants to communicate with his supporters via his own website after being banned from major social media platforms.

Trump launched a blog page on his site on Tuesday, which is visually similar to Twitter but contains only posts from Trump.

Supporters could technically also use it to repost Trump's statements to Twitter or Facebook, as there is the option to share any short post as a quote via the social media platforms and link back with just a few clicks.

But it was not immediately clear whether those platforms would allow such activity.

Trump was locked out of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube after his supporters stormed the Capitol in Washington in January.

Facebook's board plans to announce on Wednesday whether he will remain barred or be allowed to return.

Twitter has already said clearly there is no return in sight for Trump.

YouTube has said it plans to unblock his profile when the risk of violence decreases.

Trump has relied on emailed statements to reach supporters in recent months. Before that, his Twitter account was by far his most important communication channel.

There has been speculation that he could launch his own platform.

In the blog section called "From the Desk of Donald J Trump," supporters can mark individual posts with a "like" heart - just like on Twitter - and receive new post notifications.