Government acknowledges concerns over destruction of excavators and logistics

Accra, May, 4, GNA - The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources has taken note of public displeasure over government's decision to destroy mining excavators and equipment seized during the recent special military operation on River Pra in the Western and Central regions.

The Ministry acknowledged that although the decision might not be pleasant to owners of the equipment in the operation, but it was in the best interest of the nation to protect the water bodies and forest cover for the present and future generations.

In a statement signed and issued by Mr Benito Owusu Bio, Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Team at the Ministry, said the water bodies and forest reserves remained "Red Zones", therefore the National Security Apparatus had the mandate to enforce the mining laws and regulations regarding those restricted zones.

"We expect the population to respect the directives because any attempt by any individual or group of persons to trespass the "no go areas" would result in severe consequences.

"We need to preserve our water bodies and forest reserves for our survival and those of future generations.

"This is not the time to waver, but must be resolute in our collective action to protect our environment. We need everyone’s support in this noble and national undertaking.

Together we can protect our environment!