Trinity Presbyterian Model School wins “Cook Book" contest

Koforidua (E/R), May 4, GNA - Trinity Presbyterian Model School polled 247 points to beat three other schools to win the maiden edition of "Cook book" contest organised by the Eastern Regional Library Authority.

Koforidua Presbyterian JHS A came second with 223 points, Adweso Seventh Day Adventist JHS came third with 213 points, while Nana Kwaku Boateng JHS ' B' was fourth scoring 187 points.

Trinity Presbyterian School prepared Jollof rice and meat, while Presbyterian JHS prepared Yam and garden stew, with Adweso SDA preparing 'Etoo' and egg, then Nana Kwaku Boateng JHS prepared plantain and 'kontomire' stew.

Trinity Presbyterian received a frame and souvenirs, while the second-placed school Presbyterian JHS 'A' also received a frame and souvenirs.

However, the third and fourth-placed schools received souvenirs, while all eight participants received certificates.

As part of the rules of engagement each school was represented by two students then a balloting was done, where each school picked a dish to be prepared.

The participants were then made to select their ingredients per the selected food and after each school was given two hours to complete the food preparation.

The criteria used to award points was neatness of participants in terms of appearance and usage of utensils.

Others were texture of their food and how well the ingredients were properly mixed to give the food a good taste.

Speaking to the media after the event, Mr Elijah Assumang, Deputy Director of Ghana Library Authority, Eastern Region, said in as much as they had the mandate to promote literacy, they were also looking at promoting the practical aspect of it.

He said the contest gave exposure to most of the young girls to prepare some local dishes and going forward, they would communicate the rules of engagement so that contestants would not fumble.

He said the contest would to be organised annually and other segments would be brought on board.

Evelyn Naadu Lartey, together with her winning counterpart Afia Koramah Boateng all form 3 students of Trinity Presbyterian Model School said it was essential as ladies to cook at certain ages to support their parents and encouraged other young girls not to lose sight of the fact that irrespective of their academic work they had a responsibility at the Kitchen.

Reuben Otabil, a form three student of Adweso SDA JHS, who happened to be the only male among the eight participants said he was motivated to cook because he saw many guys cooking fried rice by road side.

He urged his male colleagues to do away with the notion that cooking was for females because males could equally help in the kitchen.