Reverend Dr Joseline Fugar is Acting Moderator of GEC

Accra, April 8, GNA – The Reverend Dr Mrs Joseline Fugar has been appointed Acting Moderator of the Global Evangelical Church (GEC).

The Moderator of the Church, the Right Reverend Dr Setorwu Kwadzo Ofori, announced her appointment at the Synod Committee Meeting of the Church in Accra, on Thursday.

Rev Dr Fugar, who is the Kumasi Presbytery Chairman, is the first female pastor to occupy the position.

Before the announcement, the Moderator explained to the Committee that there was a need for a new Acting Moderator because the Acting Moderator had gone on retirement.

The Moderator said since the position could not be left vacant, a new Acting Moderator had to be appointed.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Ofori said, Article 10, Sub-Section 5 of the 2008 Constitution of the Church, stated that “in the absence of the Moderator from office for any reason, the longest-serving Pastor, who is a Presbytery Chairman currently serving on the Synod Committee shall act in his stead until he resumes office.”

In fulfilment of the constitutional demands of the Church, Rev. Dr Fugar was introduced at the Synod Committee meeting.

The Rev. M.E.K. Buamah, the immediate past Tamale Presbytery Chairman, was until his retirement, the Acting Moderator of the Church.

Rev. Dr Fugar thus succeeds Rev. Buamah.