Demand for local spices up in the Sunyani market

Sunyani, April 06, GNA – Demand for natural spices by the general public in the main Sunyani Market have increased dramatically as people believe they could boost their immune system.

The traders told the Ghana News Agency (GNA), in Sunyani during a market survey on Tuesday, that, the high purchase of the natural spices has been as a result of a statement made by President Nana Akuffo Addo, that the public should consume more of the natural local spices, which could help boost their immune system in the fight against Covid 19 pandemic.

Mrs. Regina Opoku Ampofowaa, a trader told GNA in an interview that even though the Covid-19 came with so many challenges, sales of natural spices have increased because many people have now turned to the production of local drinks such as “Sobolo” a mixture of hibiscus flowers and local spices.

She said the selling prices of one tin of Negro pepper has increased from GH₵12.00.00 to GH₵16.00.00, adding that, the demand has generally affected prices of all other natural spices such as cloves, ginger, Anise-seed, piper guineense and grain of paradise in the market.

Mrs Ampofowaa said the patronage of other spices such bay leaf, rosemary, garlic, shallot, cinnamon and dawadawa for food preparation and medicinal purposes have also gone up as many believe that they could help them control cholesterol and blood pressure.

Mrs Ruth Benewa also a trader, said consumers prefer natural spices over the artificial or foreign spices since they have the belief that those ones have negative effect on people’s health.