LG Electronics reports climbing sales with first quarter data

Seoul, April 7, (dpa-AFX/GNA) - South Korea's LG Electronics Inc (LGEPF.OB, LGEJY.OB, LGEIY.OB, LGEAF.OB) reported on Wednesday that its first quarter consolidated operating income increased 39.

2 per cent, to 1.52 trillion Korean won (1.36 billion dollars), from last year's 1.09 trillion won.

Operating income surged 133.4 per cent from 650.2 billion won recorded in the preceding fourth quarter.

In the first quarter, consolidated sales amounted to 18.81 trillion won, up 27.7 per cent from last year's 14.73 trillion won. Sales edged up 0.1 per cent from preceding fourth quarter's 18.78 trillion won.