"Don't wait for support from elsewhere to champion your dreams" - Director

Ho, April 6, GNA - Mr. Samuel Atidzah, Executive Director of GOSANET Foundation, a health Non- Governmental Organisation in the Adaklu District has advised the youth not to always wait for support from elsewhere to butter their dreams and visions, which may not even materialise.

He told them to instead take their destiny into their own hands and struggle with it.

Mr. Atidzah's advice came in an interview with the Ghana News Agency for the youth in the Adaklu District.

"In the school of success, you have to persevere and also make a lot of sacrifices," he told them.

Mr. Atidzah asked them to be their own motivation and keep pushing until they reached the pinnacle of success.

He said life might not be easy at times and that the road to success might not be smooth, but endurance could make the difference.

The Executive Director said that there might be times when many people around them would discourage them but they should spur on for success.

"People you trusted may walk out of your life and abandon you but let that not discourage you, keep on knocking on the door of success until it is opened for you," he advised.

He told them that success only waited for those who never gave up on their dreams.