Street Academy organises Easter picnic for children

Accra, April 6, GNA - Street Academy, a sports and cultural academy for street children, on Monday organised Easter picnic for school and vulnerable children in Accra.

The event was to make the children have a feel of the Easter celebration.

It was supported by “Between Pictures Project” and “Act Africa”, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Mr Ataa Lartey, Chief Executive Officer of the Academy, said it was an annual programme during which children were fed and supported to have fun.

The children were given face masks, food, drinks and playing materials in a strict COVID-19 safety protocol environment.

Melani Mennella, a Consultant for the Academy, said it was appropriate to invest in children who had potentials but lacked formal education.

She said the Academy focused on the well-being of children and allowed them to exhibit their talents through sports, cultural, and vocational skills.

The Ghana News Agency gathered that the Academy takes 80 children between the ages of 10 to 16 from the streets every academic year and enrol them into public schools.

Some of the children stay in the Academy for about three years and others, supported through university education, with many provided with educational materials and funds to enhance their stay in school.

Madam Mannella said some children who passed through the Academy had become footballers, boxers and security officers, among others.

The Academy was established in 1986 by Ataa Lartey, a sports enthusiast and social worker, as a youth program to tap talents in sports and cultural activities.