Use the resurrection of Christ to settle all disputes

Sefwi-Amoaye (WNR), April 4, GNA - Reverend Ismeal Aboagye Nyameke, Minister in-charge of the Ebenezer Society of the Methodist Church at Sefwi Amoaye has appealed to Christians to use the Resurrection of Jesus Christ to settle all disputes among themselves.

He said doing so would make the death and Resurrection of Christ on the Cross have a positive impact on the larger Society.

The Minister, who was speaking on Resurrection on Sunday to encourage believers to live at peace with all men said; “Christianity is all about Love and if you love your brother, you will always forgive him when he wrongs you, who are we to find it difficult to forgive ourselves even Christ has forgiven us our sins,” he advised.

Rev Aboagye Nyameke, also called on members of his church to see the Resurrection of Christ as a way of turning away from their sins and turn a new leaf in the Christendom.

He said the suffering on the Cross must not be in vain adding, let the death on the Cross reflect in your daily lives.

The Rev. Minister also advised the church members to continue observing all the safety protocols to prevent themselves from contracting the COVID-19 disease.