School children defy COVID-19 protocols during Easter break

Koforidua, April 3, GNA- Children in Koforidua in the New Juaben South Municipality of the Eastern Region, during the Easter school break have been found to be playing football and engaging in other group activities in defiance of the COVID-19 health protocols.

The children, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on social gathering, choose to live like being in normal times.

Many parents have described the situation as worrying because transferring the virus from one person to another was easy since the children were in constant body contact and without any supervision.

The COVID-19 virus is transmitted through direct contact with infected persons and it attacks the respiratory system of an infected person.

A check made by the GNA with health experts indicated that children were at low risk of contracting the virus, but they could still get it when they played together without any safety measures or if there were no official guidelines by those who supervise them.

Ms Diana Ohene-Adu, the Municipal Head of Disease Control at the Koforidua Polyclinic, said children were always in a haste to be with their friends and play, but there should be measures put in place, which would help them not to contract the virus.

She added that they should wear nose masks, not to be in close contact with each other, and not to touch places were the virus can get access to entry their bodies.

Ms Ohene-Adu said last year, a child was diagnosed of COVID-19 who was infected by the mother. That child was treated and discharged, adding, this year no case of COVID- 19 was recorded so far.

The GNA observed that, children between the ages of nine years to 14 years and in class four to JSS two, play football every day without adherence to the COVID 19 protocols after school.

Some of the children were seen playing football on RIIS Presbyterian School Park and when they were approached, some of them said they were aware of the COVID-19 virus, but they had come to exercise their bodies and minds after long hours of staying in classrooms.

Other said they normally played football before their studies at home to keep them active when learning.

It was established that many of the children have joined football clubs and were instructed by their coaches to practice despite the COVID-19 pandemic.