The resurrection of Christ gives hope to Christians

Tarkwa (W/R), April 3, GNA - The Head Pastor of International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Gold Temple in Tarkwa, Pastor Godsfavour Aremu, has indicated that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ gives hope to Mankind.

He said Christ did not waste his strength by sacrificing to die on the cross to save humanity.

Pastor Aremu said this when he delivered the Good Friday sermon to mark the death of Jesus Christ on the theme "the reason for the season".

Speaking from John 19:28-30, the Head Pastor entreated Christians to understand that there were times and seasons, hence they should engage the Holy Spirit in their daily lives to excel.

He said Christ who knew no sin was arrested and crucified for the sake of mankind, adding that, everything that Jesus Christ brought during the period manifested and destroyed the works of the devil.

Pastor Aremu explained that "after Jesus Christ had passed through all the pains and was nailed on the cross, he said it was finished and from that hour the victory of mankind began.

"As Christians, if you miss the season, it will take grace to connect you. Anytime you declare it is finishe, it opens the realm of the spirit, and you involve the operating force that tore the curtains at the temple where Jesus was laid into" he said.

He noted that "whenever you complete a course in an institution you would be awarded a certificate, when Christ came to the cross the certificate of honour he had after he ended his works was power. This power was transferred to us because it was for our sake that he came".

The Head Pastor called on believers to share the love of Jesus Christ with their neighbours as the world reflected on the celebration of Easter.

Pastor Aremu charged the public to observe the coronavirus safety protocols to limit the spread of the disease as they marked the death and resurrection of Christ.