DT-ASL launches world class Digital Automation and Management solutions for Fuel/ LPG stations

Accra, March 31, GNA - The complexities of commercial activities of OMCs, the need for real time access to data, and most importantly, the critical requirement to make sense of available data, have altogether given birth to several solutions that seek to support the operations of these OMCs, particularly in relation to systems automation.

However, one challenge that remains is the ability of OMCs to maintain complete visibility over stations across multiple locations for effective decision making and continuously satisfy the needs of their customers, whilst optimising revenues and profitability.

Fuel stations lose thousands of liters of fuel monthly to system inefficiencies which translates to significant revenue losses, affecting the bottom line, and hampering growth.

Some key challenges that have been identified to be associated with oil marketing companies (fuel stations) include: Product losses significantly affecting profit levels, Lack of visibility across facilities especially with scattered locations, No real time information flowing to operational offices to help monitor sales and stocks, Delayed decision making due to extra waiting times for monitoring, and Extra costs of monitoring especially as monitoring is mostly in-person.

In response to these challenges, DT Automated Systems Limited (DT-ASL), a Ghanaian technology firm has launched its flagship products, MEFANGOO AND FRAMAGYA for the white fuel stations and LPG stations, respectively.

The company is the first of its kind to deploy an automated solution successfully for an LPG station in Ghana.

DT-ASL’s solutions help provide reliable, real time information to owners of fuel stations, helping them make well-informed decisions on their operations.

Some of the features of DT-ASL’s solutions include: Automatic Dispenser Readings, Automatic Tank Readings, Profit and Loss Calculations, Automatic Customer Receipt Printing, Operational Entries (Daily Occurrence, Expenses etc.), Transaction Approvals, Product Allocations, Credit Sales and Payment History, Attendance Management, Reports (Infographics), etc.

The Mefangoo Wetstock management solution assists OMCs with keeping track of their fuel level movements and helps with resolving issues with fuel losses.

If a company operates without a Wetstock management system in place, they become exposed to a range of negative business outcomes such as loss of containment, profit, and reputation, as well as potential legal consequences.

According to Mr. Nelson Amo, the President of DT-ASL, the tank and pump automation solutions are the products of 5 years of R&D, with several successful pilots over the period.

DT-ASL is currently deploying the software solution for clients in Ghana, Nigeria, and DR. Congo.

For more information visit https://www.automatedsystems.group/ or email, info@automatedsystems.group