We need political will to end LGBTQ - Assemblyman

Tema, March 26, GNA - Mr Isaac Newtown Tetteh, Assembly Member of Nmlitsako Electoral Area (Saki) has called on Members of Parliaments, religious and traditional leaders to make fervent commitment to end the LGBTQ practice in the country.

He said LGBTQ activities were against the Christian and Islam faith as such, it was important for religious leaders to teach their congregations the word of God right from childhood.

Mr Tetteh in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Tema cautioned that if religious leaders failed to instill moral uprightness in society, the nation risked being dominated by homosexuals in the near future “if religious leaders fail to stage an intense crusade against same sex marriage in Ghana”.

He added that the chiefs, who were the custodians of our traditions, customs and values should also be giving their respective mandate to fully fight against the practice of LGBTQ saying, there should not be any political interferences in the fight against LGBTQ issue.

He said cultural assimilation was one of the main factors influencing people to duplicate other people's culture and boldly come out to say they were part of some foreign community.

"Growing up, it was difficult hearing that someone has come out to say that he or she is a gay or support the activities of gays, but due to cultural assimilations, some people are copying the ways of other people’s life as a result, people are confidently saying they are gays, lesbians and so on,” he said.