"My husband was my confidante, counsellor and protector"- late Moderator's wife

Ho, (V/R), Feb. 27, GNA - Mrs Madeleine Akpene Kadji-Agidi, the wife of the late Very Reverend Dr Seth Senyo Agidi, the immediate past Moderator of the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Ghana has described the husband as a confidant confidante, counsellor and protector.

"I already missed Senyo my husband greatly. Who am I going to share the precious time and conversation with, "She asked in a tribute to her husband.

The Very Rev Dr Agidi died in office after a short illness at the Ho Teaching Hospital on October 10, 2020.

The 65-year old Moderator, succeeded Very Rev Francis Amenu, as the second Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church, since the change from the Synod status.

The immediate past Moderator trained as a teacher and later attended the Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon which is affiliated to the University of Ghana.

He later pursued a postgraduate studies at the Eden Theological Seminary, United States of America.

Mrs Kadji-Agidi said it was difficult to explain the feeling of waking up in their dream house without the partner to share the said dream.

She said it hurts her greatly to see their dream house materialized and described the husband as a peace loving person who never got angry nor held grudges for long.

"He preferred to make known his displeasure and then let go of the issue" she added.

She also described the husband as a man, who through his selflessness could go months without his salary, but ensured that all other workers were paid their salaries.

She said regardless of the daunting demands of his Ministry, he made time for his family.

"Our Children are his pride, he took keen interest in each child's development including; those who are not our biological Children," she said.

Mrs Kadji-Agidi said the late husband combined discipline with love, strictness with flexibility to train the Children and truly loved his family, but loved the E.P Church Ghana more than his own life.

"All these sacrifices, hard work and dedication to God's work, precisely, the E.P Church Ghana had a devastating effect on his health," she added.

She said her husband's faith was in God, his heart was his family and his blood was the E.P Church Ghana.

The late Very Rev Dr Agidi was married with four children.

Earlier, a letter addressed to Presbytery Moderators of the Church and signed by Dr Emmanuel Komla Amey, Clerk of the General Assembly of the Church said due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Church would be represented at the burial service only by members of the General Assembly Executive Council, all Pastors serving in the Ho East and Ho West Presbyteries of the Church, Dumedefor and Ho Kpodzi Church Choirs.

The directive is to minimize the spread of the COVID-19.

The burial service is telecasted live on Ghana Television.