FORDEM urges Ghanaians to renew confidence in state institutions – Prince Baba Alhassan

Accra, Jan. 13, GNA - Prince Abdulai Baba Alhassan, Founder and Executive Director, Foundation for Reconciliation and Democracy (FORDEM), Ghana, has called on Political Parties to renew their confidence in state institutions to deepen the nation’s democracy and growth.

“We must all contribute to renew the confidence in and independence of state institutions especially the Electoral Commission, the Judiciary, the Ghana Police Service, Civil Society Groups and the Media".

He said some efforts must be made by all to ensure that the institutions remain neutral without political biases to promote peace and unity in the country.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Tuesday, Prince Alhassan said in recent times the politics in Ghana was characterized with violence especially during and the aftermath of the 2020 elections with major political actors and their supporters seen on media waves attacking each other.

He said expression of one’s view could be done modestly and not to incite violence; "They say politics makes everything," hence the basic tenets of democracy should be allowed to work in every sphere of our lives to ensure socio-economic and political development in Ghana.

Prince Alhassan said democratic process was far more than elections alone and that the basic tenets of democracy must be respected in order to have harmonious peace and a unison Ghana than a divided Nation.

He said the political climate was engulfed with violence, crime, bribery and corruption as a result of cronyism, tribalism, and nepotism which retarded the nation’s progress and brought mistrust in state institutions.

The FORDEM Executive Director said, on the recent inauguration of the Eighth Parliament of the Fourth Republic of Ghana, he said some incoming Members of Parliament (MPs) misconducted themselves during the elections process of the Speaker instead of setting the right example as Lawmakers.

He said this behaviours by some of the MPs undermined the socio-political development of the nation’s democracy and should be frowned upon.

He said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) being the key actors of the current political landscape and was in the forefront of multi-party democracy in the country did not set a good example, but rather cause political tensions and panic amongst the citizenry.

He said it was important for the stakeholders to be proactive in defending the nation’s democracy than their various political parties interest, adding that, individuals or groups should exercise their right protest against government decisions in a peaceful, respectful and non-violent manner.

“The rule of law, the fundamental principle of human rights and justice, electioneering, and the freedom of expression are in the key tenets of democracy. Let's allow them to work to make our democracy stronger,” he said.