Argentina lifts corn export limits after farmers strike

Buenos Aires, Jan. 13, (dpa/GNA) - After a two-day strike by Argentinian farmers, the government in Buenos Aires has lifted recently imposed export restrictions on corn.

The Ministry of Agriculture announced on Tuesday that an agreement was reached in a meeting with the agricultural associations.

In protest at the restrictions on the export of corn, Argentina's farmers had not sold any grain since Monday.
Initially, the government had completely banned the export of corn through early March, hoping to shore up the domestic market.

The government later relented, indicating that up to 30,000 tons per day could be sold abroad.

After the government and striking farmers reached an agreement on Tuesday, exports can resume.

Corn is Argentina's third-biggest export, worth over 6 billion dollars in 2019.

But the government and the farmers have disagreed on the projected volume of the country's estimated crop.

The farmers say there are 10 million tons of corn in the silos, with domestic demand only amounting to 1.5 million tons, a figure that the government has put at 4.2 million tons.