Vegetable growers cautioned to apply prescribed agro-chemicals

Anum Apapam (E/R), 30 Oct. GNA – Expert in agricultural sustainability, has cautioned vegetable growers in some parts of the country on the exact agro-chemicals to apply in their quest to boost yields.

Although chemical application to boost yields was not wrong, it could pose negative reactions to the crop yields if the applied chemical lacked the right quality.

Nene Ashaley Adjabeng, Chief Farmer for Anum Apapam in the Ayensuano District of the Eastern Region, gave the warning at a meeting with a cross-section of vegetable growers (farmers) at Anum Apapam.

“This deliberate or ignorant practice is absolutely needless and could have been avoided”, he said, adding that; “this practice rather nullified the potency or efficacy of the product applied”.

Nene Ashaley, who is also the chief of the Ga Damgbe in the area, therefore, asked growers to strictly use recommended pesticides on their farms, to help reap high quality vegetables.

According to him; “the formation of formidable groupings would help access inputs”, adding, the only way they could have access to inputs and other government assistance was for each and every farmer to join a group in their communities, to help solve problems facing them.

Nene Ashaley said strengthening farmers’ groupings in urban vegetable production systems, would enable growers see the advantage and potential of their groupings, to help market their produce and thus gain more control over market prices.