World Standard Day 2020: Current theme and its significance

Accra, Oct. 15, GNA - The World Standard Day is observed on the 14th of October every year. It is usually commemorated in several forms and themes to raise awareness across the world among industry, regulators, and consumers to value standardization.

It was first observed in 1970.

It is celebrated on 14 October every year across the world to pay tribute to the collaborative efforts of the thousands of experts across the world who develop the voluntary technical agreements that are published as International Standards.

There are some set of standards that have been established that companies, organizations, and industries have all agreed to hold up.

With the help of mutual agreements, these standards have been established among these organizations as part of their participation in the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

Standards set by companies and agencies have been established by mutual agreement. These standards help to facilitate the industrial revolution worldwide.

The World Standards Day celebrates the efforts and works of women and men who play important roles in the development of the industrial sector through standardization.

By way of some history, the industrial revolution saw an important change and this is achievable through standardization.

For instance, new routers can communicate with the networks and other electronic gadgets since they all operate in standardized frequencies.

World Standards Day raises awareness about the importance of standardization to the global economy among the consumers, regulators, and industry.

The theme of World Standards Day 2020 is "Protecting the planet with standards." The main objective is to protect the planet with appropriate standards to endure its sustainability.

As it is known, life on earth depends on the energy that we get to receive from the sun. However, in the last century, human and large-scale industrial activities of our modern civilization have added greenhouse gases, which impact our climate and all forms of life.

Due to the rapid population of growth and broad urbanization, there was a call for the responsible use of limited resources.

Therefore, to reduce the impact of humans on our planet, it is necessary for the political will, concrete action, and the right tools, making a case for International Standards as a tool to achieve sustainable development.
International Standards are created or prepared by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), International Organization for Standardization (IS0), and International Telecommunication Union (ITU), taking into account the tried and true solutions to technical challenges.

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) usually leads the country to join the rest of the world to celebrate the Day every year. Each year, the day is celebrated in acknowledgment of the singular importance of standardization to the world economy.

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) seeks to create awareness and educate the public on this year’s theme to ensure the sustainability of the planet to benefit future generations.