Public cautioned against moving through floods during rains - NADMO

Accra, Oct 13, GNA - The public has been cautioned to avoid walking or driving through flood waters as the rainy season peaks in Southern Ghana.

"Sometimes, a stretch of running water might seem easy to wade or swim through, but strong currents could easily sweep you off and carry you away when you attempt to swim or wade your way through."

Mr Richard Amo-Yartey, Director for Inspectorate at the Headquarters of the National Disaster Management(NADMO), in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, also cautioned motorists against driving through flood waters, adding that many cars were swept away because drivers had underestimated the strong currents within seemingly harmless flood waters.

He said flood waters, even if one could safely swim or wade through them, also often carried dangerous objects such as faecal matter and other forms of disease-causing material and dangerous reptiles that could easily harm a human.

"It is often a much better option to be patient and wait for flood waters to recede than to risk harm that could easily be avoided," said Mr. Amo-Yartey.

He also cautioned people staying within places that were prone to flooding and urged them to relocate to safer places to avoid the inconveniences of flooding during the rainy season.

Mr Amo-Yartey reminded the public that while the government was always working around the clock to ensure the welfare of people, individuals had the responsibility of ensuring their safety.

"The rains are here with us. People should be alert and stay wary of the dangers of the season, to remain safe," he said.

Mr Amo-Yartey said NADMO was educating communities on how to stay safe in the face of floods and other ill effects of the rainy season.

He urged people in emergency situations to call the hotlines of NADMO, which are 112 or 0299350030.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) has urged the public to read its daily and weekly forecast on the website to plan their activities.

A four-hour downpour last Saturday caused flooding in many parts of Southern Ghana, including Kasoa, Weija, Adentan and many others.

Many people had to wait for some hours before they could leave or return to their homes, because of heavy flooding.

Southern Ghana is currently experiencing its second and minor rainy season for the year.

The rains are expected to end within November to make way for the dry or harmattan season, the GMet said.