Tongu has nothing to do with secessionism-Dorfor Traditional Council

Juapong (V/R), Oct. 02, GNA - The chiefs and people of Dorfor in the North Tongu District have denounced linkage to any secessionist movement, and have cautioned dissident groups operating in the area.

The District, which includes; the strategic industrial community of Juapong, was the recent stage of a crude attempt by some aggressors to cut off access to the Volta Region in a dawn mutiny.

The area is also alleged to have hosted bases of secessionist groups, and had become the focus of counter military activity.

Togbe Agbaliba VI, Mankralo of Dorfor Traditional Area, said at a News conference by the Dorfor Youth Development Association (DYDA), and the Traditional Council at Juapong, that there was no historical evidence tying the area to secessionism, and that the recent uprising was a shock.

“We wish to state without any equivocation that as far as DYDA and the Dorfor Traditional Council are concerned, all the Tongu areas formed part of the sovereign state of the Republic of Ghana and owes allegiance to the State and the Government of Ghana.

“We therefore state in no uncertain terms that none of our people should have nothing to do with the Western Togoland Secessionist or Separatist Group and should not associate themselves with them.

“We also want to extend our warning to the group never to attempt extending their illicit activities into our territories any longer as they are not welcome.

Togbe Agbaliba noted that the area was a British protectorate, and further produced the results of the 1959 plebiscite, which proved Tongu’s non-participation.

The Mankralo however said residents of the area were becoming subject of State security operations in the wake of the uprising, and appealed to stakeholders to facilitate the release of several of such innocent indigenes caught in the net.

He commended the government's “swift efforts and response,” and pledged the support of the Traditional Area to efforts towards preventing further unrest.

The Mankralo said life in the area was returning to normal, and noted an increase in Police vigilance.