The kind of opposition Ghana needs

Kumasi, Sept. 19, GNA - We encounter opposing views in almost all aspects of life.This resistance or dissent, expressed in action or argument lives because we are all not equal and have different roots and ideas.

Since opposition cannot be prevented we must know how to live with it.

Living Examples

At home, children sometimes resist some of the decisions taken by parents when such decisions are not in their favour. Parents also oppose some of the behaviours of their children in order to ensure that their children are on the right path.

At school, students sometimes oppose some principles of the school by reporting through their representative council to the school's administration.

The administration of the school also opposes the immoral behaviours of students by employing stiffer punishments to recalcitrant students.

Within peer groups, peers usually argue in opposition to other peers' ideas and behaviours. Different peer groups also oppose each other in order to dominate over other groups and be much recognized.

The same happens during the sharing of property. There are usually opposing views from sharing parties since each party would like to have a bigger portion of the property. This almost usually, creates disputes among the sharing parties.

Power Struggles

In the struggle for power, there is contrast or antithesis, which is opposition. This is the major situation of opposition that should be given much attention, especially in presidential and parliamentary elections in multi-party states.

There is usually a situation of opposition from one or more political parties or other organized groups to the government, party or group in political control.

Parties in opposition usually strive to legislate with the government, having impact on legislation through compromise and discourse with the government and demonstrate this impact to people as proof of their competence.

This is the kind of opposition that is needed because it helps to ensure fairness, good governance and corruption prevention.

Opposition can account for a variety of developments, but there has been little or no understanding of its meaning to political parties.

Parties in opposition usually oppose any government legislation, regardless of its content and criticize the government in hope to win the hearts of people.

This prevailing kind of opposition is appalling and unprecedented.

Parties in opposition mostly criticize ruling parties even when the ruling party has good initiatives that will develop the country, usually because, to a large extent, they are in opposition and they have to oppose.

This is one of the major issues that is slowing down the growth of developing countries, especially when they have leaders who will pay attention to their criticisms.

Opposition, especially in terms of politics, should be allowed to take its course of ensuring growth by way of resisting indecent behaviours and policies.

It is the wrong that is opposed, not the right.
Note: Michael Osei Mensah, is a former student of Opoku Ware School in Kumasi. He completed this year.